2021 Board elected!

Our incumbent board members were unanimously re-elected.  Michael Smith will also be taking on a new role, leaving Director of Veteran Affairs to become Senior Vice President. 

Here is our  2021 board:

  • President — William “Bud” RothSenior
  • Senior Vice President — Michael D. Smith
  • VP of Technology — Gail Schnell
  • VP of Education — Walter Cekala
  • VP of Finance — Michael Craghead
  • VP of Communications — Amit Arya
  • VP of Programs — Dan Goga

Let’s thank a number of our 2020 board members who are leaving the board.  Thank you, Wendy and Joe and Karen for your hard work.  Also, a big thank you to Ray Stamps, who left earlier this year after serving on the board for many years.  Fortunately, he is continuing to support us as a director.  All of us new board members look forward to serving you as we navigate through these troubled times.