23 Sep — Dep. CISO for NYC on NYC Cyber Command

Pic of Max Kovalsky

Join us on 23 September at 6pm via Zoom.

Maxim Kovalsky, Deputy CISO for New York City, will provide an overview of NYC Cyber Command—a new city agency charged with centralizing cyber defense and protecting New York City government functions, 300+ employees, and 1m+ systems from cyber threats. He will then focus on initiatives currently in his portfolio, which include enterprise attack surface reduction, smart city security, and critical infrastructure protection.

About our Speaker

Maxim is Deputy CISO at City of New York, and head of Urban Technology at NYC Cyber Command, where he leads attack surface reduction, critical infrastructure protection, and smart city security initiatives. Maxim’s prior work at Deloitte has focused on threat management strategy and implementation projects across multiple sectors. He has led advisory and implementation engagements in areas covering M&A cyber due diligence, strategy and governance, threat detection, and attack surface reduction. 

Prior to joining Deloitte, Maxim helped develop Flashpoint’s cyber threat intelligence market offering. Before that, Maxim contracted with FBI’s Intelligence Directorate, providing operational and intelligence support to over 30 complex cybercrime and white-collar crime investigations. Maxim is an active reservist with the U.S. Army 75th Innovation Command.