April 23 – Virtual Escape Room with Living Security

President ISSA NOVA <president@issa-nova.org>2:37 PM (0 minutes ago)

Post-Event: This was a fun event attended by close to thirty members. We ran through the exercises and solved the puzzles working as a team.

ISSA-NOVA is partnering with Living Security to provide our members the opportunity to engage in a virtual Cybersecurity “Escape Room”. We will divide participants up into teams of 8 and they will work together as a virtual team to solve a series of cybersecurity-related challenges and puzzles.

The total time is about 1 hour and we are able to offer this to our members free of charge thanks to Living Security’s generosity. This should be FUN!

To join, register here or paste below URL into your browser:


We will run this April 23, 2019 from 6 to about 7pm. I am open to letting friends of members in and people interested in joining ISSA-NOVA. Please shoot me an email with the friends’ name and email. That way, I will know to approve their registration. (My email is president_at_issa-nova.org).

A PDF describing Living Security’s escape room is on our website at:


The video trailer is here: