[April 2018] Architecting your Cybersecurity Workforce for Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, and Everything Digital by David Foote, Co-Founder of Foote Partners, LLC

Technology’s role as an engine of enterprise, innovation, and competitiveness has caught many IT leaders unprepared. For years they’ve been slow to address persistent human capital problems: tech skill deficits, hiring/retention issues, pay levels, and murky career paths. This is strongly affecting cyber/data security organizations as cybersecurity threats continue to stun the industry regularly and as Blockchain , AI/Machine Language, Internet of Things, Big Data, and other digital innovation get traction. Bottom line is that the pressure to fix longstanding “people problems” associated with securing the enterprise has never been greater.

Coming to the rescue: Apply traditional architecture practices to cyber/data security human capital and workforce management. “Tech People Architecture” is proving to be the most effective solution for executing mission-critical IT-business initiatives such as cyber/data security. In this speech, industry analyst David Foote will define the pillars of architecting for security then describe the architecture and how it is implemented.

David Foote, with degrees from Vassar and Cornell, is a tech labor trends benchmark research pioneer and one of the most quoted industry authorities on global tech workforce evolution. He has spent more than two decades introducing innovative data-driven benchmark research, analysis, and forecasting while pioneering new industry practices for tracking/forecasting and producing deadly accurate salary surveys. His reputation was built at Gartner, META Group, and several Silicon Valley companies.

He co-founded Foote Partners in 1997 and leads a special team of analysts there. His company produces tech labor market data from 5,230 employers for millions of professionals. See: www.footepartners.com  Contact David Foote via:

Location:   CSRA (now part of General Dynamics Information Technology),

15036 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151

Park in front of the building else behind in the garage. Conference room is the first one on the right.

Registration Link:  https://tinyurl.com/issa-nova-2018apr19

Actual link is https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/7d75265768a94979940b76d24e625426

Sponsored by ISSA-NOVA, the Northern Virginia chapter of ISSA International

President: John von Ruden

Vice Presidents: Houda Abdelghani, Samson Agidie, Walter Cekala, Constantinos Doskas, Karen Frederick, Raja Medicherla, Raymond Stamps

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