[December 2017] Using Application Control to Stop Ransomware and other Malware by Steven (Ziggy) Shanklin, Founder and CEO of White Cloud Security

Thursday, December 21, 2017

5:30 PM – Networking & Dinner

6:00 PM – ISSA-NOVA Program

The Power of Trust: How Application Control Stops Ransomware and Other Malware

Steven-Shanklin-White CloudHomeland Security’s US-CERT recommends “App Control” as the #1 Malware Mitigation Strategy. What is this technology, and how does it block what Antivirus can’t? Hackers are winning the cyberwar and the global impact of malware has exceeded $3 trillion. The cost of Ransomware in Q1 2016 was $209 Million. Almost a 3,500% increase from 2015.

Application Control, where apps are verified as being trusted, is the number one type of breach prevention solution recommended by Dept. of Homeland Security’s US-CERT, Australia’s ASD, Canada, AIG, SANS, ISA, and NACD. It’s the only effective solution to the rapidly expanding array of today’s ransomware and malware threats.

Steven “Ziggy” Shanklin is the founder & CEO, of White Cloud Security. He is a proven team builder who led development at two startups, Wheelgroup and Psionic, that were acquired by Cisco Systems. Ziggy has fulfilled the roles of Engineer, Manager, VP, and CEO in eight different startups and has over 36 years of Computer Networking and Software Industry Experience. He holds one Canadian patent and eight U.S. patents for cyber-security technology. He also served as the Director of Software Development at WheelGroup Corporation/Cisco Systems and as the Director of Software Development at Psionic Technologies/Cisco Systems. You can contact Ziggy Shanklin and his staff at:

White Cloud Security, Inc.

10109 Lake Creek Pkwy #170422 Austin, TX 7871



Meeting Location: Noblis, Inc., 2002 Edmund Halley Dr., Reston, VA 20191


Attendees may park for free in front of the building.

Registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/issa-nova-2017dec21

Actual link is https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/a63fe742dc324c47b10d63de446a3fe9

Sponsored by ISSA-NOVA, the Northern Virginia chapter of ISSA International

President: John von Ruden

Vice Presidents: Houda Abdelghani, Walter Cekala, Constantinos Doskas, Karen Frederick, Raja Medicherla, Saravanan Ramachari, Bud Roth, Raymond Stamps

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