[October 2018] Fast-track your Cybersecurity/Hacking Career by Joe Klein, World-Renowned Speaker & Expert, Lead Cyber at Mitre

ISSA-NOVA Chapter Meeting

Fast-track your Cybersecurity/Hacking Career

Why Take the Slow Lane?

Presented By Joe Klein

World-Renowned Speaker & Cybersecurity Expert, Lead for Cyber & Investigative Technology at Mitre

Thursday, October 18, 2018 5:30 PM – Networking & Dinner, 6:00 PM – ISSA-NOVA Program

Fast-track your Cybersecurity/Hacking Career – Why Take the Slow Lane?

As a long-term practitioner and mentor in the cybersecurity community, I often get questions about how to find a job. This presentation was written to answer the following questions for new cybersecurity professionals as well as those with years in the field:

  • Steps to finding your first cybersecurity job.
  • Understanding the importance of Knowledge, Skill, Ability and Tasks (KSAT) before taking a job.
  • Things you can do to set you apart when pursuing a job.
  • How to turn a job into a career?
  • The standard framework for the “Cybersecurity Workforce”.
  • Identifying the role that is right for you today, and in the future.
  • The optimal career pathways for advancement and how to leverage “Feeder Roles”.
  • Common job titles and the education. certificates and skills required to land that job.
  • Techniques to evolve your knowledge and skills to become a Unicorn.
  • Geographical decisions and what they mean to your career.
  • Finding and creating your team of mentors.
  • References to help you find: training, education (funding), resources, home labs, branding, the best conferences, and much more.

And if you happen to be a recruiter, I have included:

  • The reference to a tool to rapidly draft a cybersecurity Position Description (PD) without the need for extensive training or prior knowledge of position classification.
  • Standards for hiring, care and feeding of your cybersecurity professionals.
  • Knowledge and skill scale along with standard salaries – Unicorn Hunting.
  • Staff supply and demand based on location.
  • Types of Mentors you need to provide.
  • Useful references for retaining and motivating staff.

In short, this is a one stop presentation to find jobs and careers in a space that has virtually no unemployment and great opportunities!

Joe is a 35-year veteran of the IT and IA industry. He has extensive experience in DoD, US Government and commercial sectors, focusing on information assurance, red team and network protocol security. As a Fellow for the IPv6 Forum for Cybersecurity, he has participated in development of national and international standards for IPv6 security, as well as International speaking on the topic.

He has also spoken at BlackHat, DefCon, ISSA-RMF “Lifeboat”, NSA ReBl, BSides-DC/LV/Delaware, Toorcon, SECTOR, DISA FSO Security Days, SANS, Google IPv6 Conference, “Advanced IPv6 Security Conference”, HacKid and others. Joe’s presentations have covered topics as diverse as “Social Engineering Assessment Framework”, “Information Leakage” OSINT, “Threat Intelligence”, “Cybersecurity and Privacy Starts at Home”, “Learning Lessons and Imparting Wisdom of Past NSA IAM/IEM and IA-CMM Processes”, “IPv6 Hacking and Defenses”. “Basics of Robotics”, “Fast Track your Cybersecurity Career” and more.

Joe has also taught classes on “IPv6 Hacking and Defending” to DARPA, Missile Defense, NSA, Cisco, NIST and AFIO, and recently “IPv6 for Security Professionals” to the Swiss Stock Exchange, Swiss banking system, Swiss Rail and other in-country organizations. He is currently writing a book titled “IPv6 for Security Professionals”.

Joe’s day job is as a computer scientist for The Center for Program and Technology at the MITRE Corporation. He develops cybersecurity technologies solutions which contribute to creating a more secure Internet.

Location: MITRE – Building 4 https://www.mitre.org

7525 Colshire Drive McLean, VA 22102     ”Solving problems for a safer world and the public good”

Parking available near the building

Registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/issa-nova-2018OCT18

Actual link is https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/db643990260c483090f96bf69788d216

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