July 16 Virtual Double Header Chapter Meeting

Robert Weiss and Jason Norton

Join us this month for a double header. First, Jason Norton, an author and email security expert with our platinum sponsor, VIPRE, is giving us a presentation on ransomeware and email attacks.

This is followed by a presentation by DefCon goon and principal security consultant for War Collar Industries, LLC, Robert Weiss, on the risks and attack vectors inherent in quantum computing.

As with last month, attendance is virtual. You must register with a working email that you control to attend. The Zoom registration link is here.

Security Mayday: Leading the Charge on Ransomware and Business Email Compromise

Email is the number one form of communication in the world, so it comes as no surprise it’s also the number one attack vector for cyber criminals.
What is surprising, is how many organizations leave email unprotected. Phishing campaigns and business email compromise (BEC) cost organizations nearly $300 million per month and climbing.
• Check your radar- identify and defend against immediate phishing and BEC scams
• Evaluate your cockpit- a lesson in layered security tools
• Upgrade your weapons system- consolidate vendors and sharpen your spear
• Get your questions answered!

Quantum Computing: Risks and Rewards for the Cyber expert

Robert Weiss examines what quantum computing means for cybersecurity. He will look at new attacks and attack methodologies—from bruteforcing encryption to automating fuzzing and more. Robert has over 20 years in information security. He is a penetration tester supporting the United States Government. He is a Principal Security Consultant for WarCollar Industries, LLC, the Senior Def Con Speaker Operations Goon and Member of NoVaHackers, Unallocated Space and NoVa Labs.

This is our last meeting until September. We hope to see you there!