June 20 ISSA-NOVA Chapter Meeting with David McGuire

David McGuire, CEO of SpecterOps

June 20 @ 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Refraction in Reston — Meeting starts with dinner at 5:30. Speaker at 6:15pm.

Hear from David McGuire, former NSA Red Team leader, talk about the philosophy of using red team operations to continuously improve an organization’s blue forces. SpecterOps is one of the nation’s foremost red teaming firms, using sophisticated attacker tradecraft to assist clients in understanding how advanced threat actors would breach defenses, evade response efforts and steal the firm’s “crown jewels,” or otherwise disrupt critical operations.

David, who has built red teams for several government and commercial entities, will talk about how the goal of a red team engagement isn’t about just punching a hole in defenses, but helping the defenders understand how compromises occur within their environments and how attacks can be effectively responded to in the future. This emphasis on training up the client’s defense team is core to the SpecterOps philosophy, focusing on collaboration between red team and blue team with the end goal of ensuring the organization responds effectively under breach conditions.

It is worth noting that SpecterOps’ team members are responsible for some of the most popular and advanced open-source toolsets out there. These include BloodHound, PowerSploit, Empire, Merlin, ApFell, Covenant, among many others. David will spend some time talking about how SpecterOps approaches technology development and open release, enabling them to stay at the forefront of attack tradecraft.

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