[March 2018] Incorporating Security Practices into Business Processes by Ira Winkler, Renowned Speaker/Author, NSA Analyst, ISSA Intl President, and by Dr. Tracy Celaya, President of Go Consulting Intl, USAF Electronic Intelligence

Thursday, March 15, 2018

5:30 PM – Networking & Dinner

6:00 PM – ISSA-NOVA Program

8:00 PM – Book Signing by Ira Winkler

IraWinklerWhen there are security problems, there is a natural tendency to look to apply blame to some person or process. The underlying problem is however that security is proverbially bolted onto an organization, instead of being built in. Every critical process in mature organizations is defined in detail by procedures or guidelines. If something goes wrong, they are typically able to point to a specific procedure that was not followed. However, security is rarely embedded into such procedures.

This presentation defines the issue and goes into detail to define a process to evaluate organizational procedures and guidelines and determine how to embed security. This also has specific implications for how awareness programs are designed and implemented.

Ira Winkler, CISSP, is President of Secure Mentem and author of Advanced Persistent Security. He is considered one of the world’s most influential security professionals, and has been named a “Modern Day James Bond” by the media. He did this by performing espionage simulations, where he physically and technically “broke into” some of the largest companies in the World and investigating crimes against them, and telling them how to cost effectively protect their information and computer infrastructure. He continues to perform these espionage simulations, as well as assisting organizations in developing cost effective security programs. Ira also won the Hall of Fame award from the Information Systems Security Association, as well as several other prestigious industry awards. Most recently, CSO Magazine named Ira a CSO Compass Award winner as The Awareness Crusader.

Ira is also author of the riveting, entertaining, and educational books, Advanced Persistent Security, Spies Among Us and Zen and the Art of Information Security. He is a columnist for ComputerWorld, and writes for several other industry publications. He has been a keynote speaker at almost every major information security related event, on 6 continents, and has keynoted events in many diverse industries.

Mr. Winkler began his career at the National Security Agency, where he served as an Intelligence and Computer Systems Analyst. He moved on to support other US and overseas government military and intelligence agencies. After leaving government service, he went on to serve as President of the Internet Security Advisors Group, Chief Security Strategist at HP Consulting, and Director of Technology of the National Computer Security Association. He was also on the Graduate and Undergraduate faculties of the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland. Mr. Winkler was elected the International President of the Information Systems Security Association from 2012 through 2015.

Mr. Winkler wrote the book Corporate Espionage, which has been described as the bible of the Information Security field, and the bestselling Through the Eyes of the Enemy. Both books address the threats that companies face protecting their information. He has written hundreds of professional and trade articles. He has been featured and frequently appears on TV on every continent. He has also been featured in magazines and newspapers including Forbes, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, Planet Internet, and Business 2.0. Contact Ira Winkler at:  www.securementem.com

DrTracyCelayaDr. Tracy Celaya is President and Principal Consultant for GO Consulting International, LLC, an Arizona-based consultancy. She is credited with 17 years of expertise in program/project management, organizational development, change management, performance consulting, and leadership.

Her doctorate is in Management & Organizational Leadership with research in Cloud Computing and Human Resources. She is also a contributing author in the exclusive journal Refractive Thinker Journal VII: Cybersecurity in an Increasingly Insecure World where she posits the role of Human Resources in Information Security.

Tracy also has a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. She is currently a member of ISSA, ISACA, WITI, SHRM, PMI, and NAWBO. She is multi-faceted and an excellent singer with Billboard-charting songs.

In addition to consulting, Dr. Celaya is an Information Security Sr. Program Manager at American Airlines supporting e-Enablement for Aircraft, Information Security Training & Development, and Identity Management. A U.S. Air Force Veteran, her background includes electronic intelligence. Contact Dr. Tracy Celaya at:  www.goconsultinginternational.com

Location:   Oracle Corporation, 1900 Oracle Way, Reston, VA 20190


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Sponsored by ISSA-NOVA, the Northern Virginia chapter of ISSA International

President: John von Ruden

Vice Presidents: Houda Abdelghani, Samson Agidie, Walter Cekala, Constantinos Doskas, Karen Frederick, Raja Medicherla, Raymond Stamps

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