Webinars of Interest

Dear Colleagues, many of us are stuck at home, so we posted some interesting webinars for you to peruse. Although not sponsored by ISSA-NOVA, these events might be useful. Also, we are planning to hold our April 16 chapter meeting virtually. Details here.

Information Security and Business Continuity Challenges due to Covid-19

George Mason University Webinar led by ISSA member, Brian Ngac

Time & Date: Apr 10, 2020 02:00 PM ET

COVID-19 has forced companies around the world to operate differently with employees’ health in mind. In this webinar, corporate executives talk about how their organizations are reacting to working with social distancing, how they are implementing their Business Continuity Plans to sustain current work and win new business while keeping employees safe, as well as how they maintain corporate information security with everyone working remotely. They discuss new information security training and steps that they have taken in this environment to assure partners, customers, and stakeholders about their security posture.

Least Privileged Cloud Architecture

AWS & SANS webinar

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020
11 AM PT | 2 PM ET
60 min session

SANS and AWS Marketplace discuss how you can create a granular security environment that provides strong attack resistance through least privilege and micro-segmentation.