Skills Development Program

ISSA-NOVA Skill Building Sessions

As IT and Cybersecurity pull closer together we all need to upgrade our skills. Our profession demands constant improvement. This community offering is designed to provide you with new skills and strengthen you in the area of Information processing and analytics.  ISSA-NOVA has a long history of providing our community with valuable information in cybersecurity topics, and provide it in a constant basis.  We are all volunteers and we are giving out of our time to the community.

Since 2017, we have been holding skill building sessions at Marymount University.  Many students and members have come to get training or advice. Programming topics included Python, MS Access, and Excel.

Upcoming Schedule:

December 15, 2018 was the last mentoring session for this year. We are now preparing the content for year 2019. If you have an interest and want to suggest a topic do not hesitate to text Mr. Constantinos Doskas at 703-201-2401.

We wish you a festive holiday season, see you in 2019.